The Cost Of Labor

Labor can be calculated in several ways. Some professionals sometimes decide to set a fixed hourly rate for the installation of the garage door. In the estimate, they will simply indicate the price of transport and the actual installation. But other professionals can make the door, then transport it and put it down. In this case, the quote will indicate each step of this process, as well as the costs associated with it. If you choose a garage door and simply have it installed, the garage door quote will be more attractive.

 The Taxes

These elements also have a direct impact on the average prices associated with a garage door. Many companies pay a value-added tax (VAT) equivalent to 10 or 20% of the overall price of the service.

However, the payment of taxes can be to your advantage! Indeed, the law often provides for a 10% VAT rebate when you hire a professional who will buy the supplies. It is also necessary that your house was built since two years minimum to benefit from this reduction. So if you have a garage door installed by a pro in a relatively old house, you will lower the cost of the quote. Otherwise, you will increase the loads.

Preparatory Work

Even for the installation of a garage door tilting, preliminary work is essential if you want to avoid disappointments. The professional should, therefore, specify the charges associated with this work before even buying or manufacturing your door. For example, he must take the dimensions of the garage and make sure that the type of opening matches the decor, the pace and the measurements of your garage.

Garage Door: The Prerequisites For Laying

When you ask for a quote for a garage door, you should know that the choice available to you is slightly wide. Indeed, there is more than one type of opening that impacts directly on the quote:

  • The tilting garage door: this model consists of a single panel that opens up and closes down. It is a generally robust door, designed with wood, aluminum, PVC.
  • The rolling garage door or roll-up garage door: this type of opening consists of panels that wind around an axis. When the group is unrolled, it looks like a conventional door.
  • The folding garage door: here, the panels fold over each other, but vertically.
  • The swing garage door: A swing door consists of 2 side panels that open outwards.